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TOP STORE! The all-in-one platform with the services such as: International and Domestic Ticketing, Loading, Bills Payment, and Money Transfer.

WHO ​​​​​WE ARE?

Top Deals Inc. is a SEC-Registered e-commerce and an online retail business such as ticketing, loading, online cash transfer, bills payment, distribution of products from different suppliers/ manufacturers thru online shopping store, online advertising and other similar kinds of business activity, established last 2014 in the Philippines.
The company focuses on its Main E-commerce platform that caters to different varieties of online services that are basically being used by EVERYONE from a day-to-day basis (considered as commodities). The company, with its Advanced Integration of Technology, has brought CONVENIENCE and OPPORTUNITY together in ONE Platform.
The company not only excels in the Online services but also in the Commerce and Entrepreneurship field especially on enhancing and training its affiliates and partners on the basics and advanced skill sets of being an Entrepreneur in the country and in Asia.

Air Ticketing, Hotel and Tour Package

Topdeals ticketing system allows you to book your own or your families' tickets both local and abroad, or better yet, book and sell tickets for your clients or friends. You can also sell travel packages, book hotels and accommodations with the Top Deals system. In addition to, you will have your own Online Monitoring Account, and Transaction History to help you get updated with all of your business transactions.
Most importantly, you be the judge of your own MARK UP Value for your Ticketing service, since after all, you are just doing the business PURELY online - this enables you to compete with traditional businesses at an excellent level.



Topdeals load is an online base services system that allows you to load on 247 load products right at the convenience of your home. Just simply access the Topdeals website or android application and find out how easy it is for you to load.


  • Online & Real-time Processing (24/7)
  • All networks covered
  • No minimum balance required
  • User-friendly Platform & Easy-to-manage
  • No multiple phone requirements
  • Convenient & fast transaction
  • Automated transaction history report
  • No retailer sim required
  • Earn thru discount add-on charge
  • Unified wallet fund to all network


Top Deals gives you COMPLETE ACCESS to pay your own or your customers' bills ANY TIME. This makes your household and office relations even more convenient especially when it comes to paying the Utility, Communication, Financial Loans, Credit Card and Insurance, Collection Service, Cable, Mobile Plans and other Government Agencies!


  • Online & Real-time Processing (24/7)
  • Fast, Secure and Convenient
  • User-friendly Platform & Easy-to-manage
  • Printable Transaction Receipt
  • Transaction Notification via SMS
  • Efficient and hassle-free
  • More than 245 bills available to pay
  • Automated transaction report


The Topdeals system allows you to transfer funds to your families/relatives, or you become the money transfer service for your friends and clients. Topdeals enables you to SEND Money to any GCASH, and send and claim to SMART MONEY account holders.
This service even gets better with Topdeals because you have ONE UNIFIED Wallet with a very minimal / discount charge for every transaction. Moreover, the discount will serve as your INCOME.

Bills Payment

Say goodbye to hassles in long queues, you can now pay your utility bills, credit cards, SSS fast and convenient! Experience the comfort of paying bills with Topdeals Bills Payment.


  • Online & Real-time Processing (24/7)
  • Fast, Secure and Convenient
  • User-friendly Platform & Easy-to-manage
  • Printable Transaction Receipt
  • Transaction Notification via SMS
  • Efficient and hassle-free
  • More than 245 bills available to pay
  • Automated transaction history report


40,000+ Members and Growing

  • Lifetime franchise, No renewal
  • Low risk , High profit
  • Low maintenance, Less manpower
  • User-friendly platform
  • Portable business, Ready to operate
  • No products expiration
  • International captured market
  • Business for all ages & Gender
  • Fast, safe, secure and convenient
  • Basic needs, No hard selling
  • Passive income with rewarding bonus & Incentives

Trending features that will change your life

Reasons why Topdeals is industry-leading online e-retail networks platform.

Business to help people

Committed to help those who are committed to achieve their goals in life.

Proven Business model for startups

Entrepreneurs and affiliates earning and expanding through effective business strategies & effective network development.

Innovation & Creative Strategies

Timeless innovations, system inventions and creative improvements as strategic edge.

All Mobile

Business that is granted access almost to anywhere, anytime, using the world wide coverage of internet.

Heart & Excellence

The company instilling the importance of passion and heart in the business, driving excellence and competitiveness at its best.

Fast Results

Attained results over a short period of time through the ability to leverage combined with significant differentiation's among local competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How to start?
  1. Provide your Name, Birthday, Email Address, Mobile Number and Address to your sponsor
  2. Send payment for system activation (Php 4980 per dealership account)
  3. Once payment is verified, you will receive a text confirmation about your successful registration.
  4. You may login to your Topdeals Dealer's account and start your business.

  5. Note: you will be provided with Training Manuals and Online Tutorials.
2What are the minimum system requirements?
    To start and operate your Topdeals business you ONLY need a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a desktop with a stable internet connection.
    Business anytime and anywhere.
3How to request Master E-wallet fund?
  1. Login to your Topdeals Account
  2. Click Topstore
  3. Click Master Fund the Add Funds
  4. Completely fill out the form by providing details found on your deposit slip
  5. Double check all entries to ensure all the details are correct
  6. Upload a clear picture of your deposit slip. Click SUBMIT.
  7. Wait for 1-2 hours for verification and crediting of funds

  8. Note: your master wallet fund can be used for all Topdeals ONLINE services.
4Do i get bonuses from referrals?
    Topdeals also has an amazing Community Builder Program. Get bonuses from referring the dealership package to your family and friends who also wishes to have this kind of business. Earn 500 referral bonus, 1200 team builder bonus , override commissions from your directs ticketing transactions and more.
    Note: This is not a requirement but an option if you wish to maximize your income
5How do we pay for online transactions?
    We transact (pay bills, buy tickets, send remittances or sell loads) through e-wallet fund.
    To fund we need to deposit direct to the company accounts (BPI, BDO, RCBC, Security Bank and Metrobank) and request to be credited on your Topdeals Master E-wallet.
    Note: You are not required to open an account, but if you have existing bank accounts with the abovementioned banks, it is convenient to do online fund.transfer.
    You may also request fund for your master E-wallet from Business Centers.
6How secured is my Topdeals account?
    Your account is protected with not only a password but also a PIN inside your Topstore account. Topdeals also uses one of the most trusted SSL encryption to ensure privacy and security of your account.

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